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Celebrations and Achievements

Good Work

These children have been chosen for their good work in a specific area usually linked to a whole school focus.

This month's focus was: Online Safety

Well done!

YR - Abel
Y1 - Jude

Y2 - Bobby

Y3 - Hebe-Rose

Y4 - Lana D

Y5 - Lawrence

Y6 - Sam and Jack H

These children have been chosen for a specific reason usually related to progress, effort or attitude.

YR - Lily for fantastic writing 

YR - Freddie for fantastic writing

Y1 - Hamaad for effort in phonics and improving handwriting

Y1 - Lidi for concentration and attention to detail in DT

Y2 - Amelia for engagement and contribution in lessons

Y2 - Olan for effort in assessments

Y3 - Jake for hard work and getting on

Y3 - Phoebe for effort and good learning partner work

Y4 - Harvey for a fantastic extended write

Y4 - Bakhtawar for concentration and attention to detail in art

Y5 - Dara for improved attitude to learning

Y5 - Alissia for effort and attitude leading to fantastic progress

Y6 - Emily for effort and determination 

Y6 - Tom for improvement in reading 
Mission Marvels

These children have been nominated because they fulfill the values in our mission statement.

Jack - Y5

School Council Stars

These children are Ready, Respectful and Safe

Boro - Y4

Sam - Y6

Lana F Y4

Lidia Y1 

Hot Chocolate Friday

These children go above and beyond:

Lidia Y1

Elsa YR

Ramiyah Y3