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Celebrations and Achievements

Good Work

These children have been chosen for their good work in a specific area usually linked to a whole school focus.

This month's focus was: Improvement due to effort 

Well done!

YR - Elliott C
Y1 - Amelia

Y2 - Alfie

Y3 - Joe

Y4 - Neriah

Y5 - Eva

Y6 - Bethany

These children have been chosen for a specific reason usually related to progress, effort or attitude.

YR - Heidi for fantastic writing

YR - Joshua for trying hard with handwriting and challenging himself 

Y1 - Zachery H for always being ready and having positive attitude

Y1 - Anaya for contributing to class discussions

Y2 - Harry A for always being focused and eager to learn

Y2 - Violet for being a consistent all-rounder

Y3 - Holly for being a good learning partner

Y3 - Oscar for being focused and completing all his work

Y4 - Sarah for improving handwriting

Y4 - Jenny for pushing herself in maths

Y5 - Ewan for being supportive and helpful to others

Y5 - Evie for being a good role model. Always ready, respectful and safe

Y6 - Sam for having a mature attitude to his learning

Y6 - Madison for being a good role model and having a positive attitude
Mission Marvels

These children have been nominated because they fulfill the values in our mission statement.

Jack - Y5