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Celebrations and Achievements

Good Work

These children have been chosen for their good work in a specific area usually linked to a whole school focus.

This month's focus was: Good teamwork skills

Well done!

YR -
Y1 -

Y2 - Eleanor and Lucas

Y3 - Ellie

Y4 - Eden and Naomi

Y5 - Dylan, Daisy, Maya, Faith and Isabelle

Y6 - Niamh

These children have been chosen for a specific reason usually related to progress, effort or attitude.

YR - Freddie F for playing co-cooperatively 

YR - Ben for using his imagination in learning 

Y1 - Lucy for being ready to learn and showing concentration

Y1 - Isaac for effort and improvement in phonics and handwriting

Y2 - Harry A for being ready to learn and effort in every lesson

Y2 - Jasmine for commitment to class assembly

Y3 - Aleks for effort in phonics 

Y3 - Summer for always being ready to learn

Y4 - Joe for staying committed to his work even in times of difficulty

Y4 - Boro for being a helpful, polite and engaged member of the class

Y5 - Joseph for resilience in maths

Y5 - Emilia for deeper thinking in reading

Y6 - Madison for her contribution, helpful nature and positive outlook

Y6 - Isla for her growth mindset and engagement
Mini Vinnie Award

These children have been nominated for demonstrating the school's values of Faith, Pride, Challenge and Success

Ellie Y2

School Council Stars

These children are Ready, Respectful and Safe

Eden Y4

Hot Chocolate Friday

These children go above and beyond:

Charlotte Y6

Amara Y6

Finley Y5

Joseph Y5

Jessica Y5