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Our vision for EYFS is in line with our school values of faith, pride, success and challenge. All children are given opportunities to succeed with a strong focus on the development of key skills. Lifelong learning behaviours of independence, curiosity and imagination are fostered within a highly stimulating and challenging indoor and outdoor environment. There is a balance between adult and child led learning and parents are strongly encouraged to be partners in the learning journey. Strong routines and expectations enable children to settle quickly and follow the school rules of being ready, respectful and safe. 

A focus throughout the year has been PSHE and learning behaviours through targeted support and intervention, sharing key texts, circle time and embedding class and school routines. 

Our focus for the summer term 2019 is: physical development and story writing.

Our focus in Autumn 2018 was to assess reading and writing accurately, begin the RWI phonics scheme including Get Writing and embed children to the RWI routines.

Our focus in Spring 2019 was understanding of the world particularly people and communities and technology through the use of Godly Play, talking tubs and technology in provision. 

Children are defined as having reached a good level of development (GLD) at the end of the EYFS if they have achieved at least the expected level in:

  • the early learning goals in the prime areas of learning (personal, social and emotional development; physical development; and communication and language) and;
  • the early learning goals in the specific areas of mathematics and literacy.
If you would like additional information about the curriculum, please see the class teacher.