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SMSC stands for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 

Spiritual Development
As a Church school, spiritual development is a key priority. To find out more about this area, explore the RE and Catholic Life of the School pages of our website.

At St Mary's we develop our children spiritually through:
  • The use of the Come and See RE curriculum
  • Links to the parish community - Mass, collecting for the foodbank, concerts, choir performances
  • Daily Collective Worship
  • Other faiths work - visits to local churches, exploration of Judaism and Islam, vists to a synagogue and mosque
  • Visits to the Cathedral
  • Retreats
  • High profile of prayer
  • The use of faith leaders for child led liturgy 
  • Marking major events in the church calendar - Advent, Lent
  • Big Sing Liturgy Thing
  • Intangible ever present ethos of the school and the relationships that flourish here

Moral Development

At St Mary's we develop our children morally through:

  • The use of school and class rules to reinforce expected behaviour
  • Learning ladder promotes the idea of being ready to learn
  • Constant positive reminders of expectations
  • Emphasis on making good moral choices - doing the right thing
  • Active discussions about rights and responsibilities
  • Participation in awareness raising through the weekly news assembly
  • Child led fundraising activities
  • School buddies as role models for younger children

Social Development

At St Mary's we develop our children socially through:

  • The use of learning partners in every lesson
  • Paired reading
  • Buddy systems
  • Restorative justice after conflict
  • Opportunities to develop within the community - links with other schools, school council, sporting events
  • Observing silences e.g. Remembrance Day
  • Specific social education teaching following a scheme of work
  • Role modelling of good social skills
  • Weekly PSHE assembly
  • A school wide high emphasis on manners and good social interaction

Cultural Development

At St Mary's we develop our children culturally through:

  • School council elections
  • Visits to the Houses of Parliament
  • A wide range of extra curricular activities
  • Celebrations of international events such as the Olympics
  • The study of other countries and cultures in the Learning Challenge curriculum
  • Charity work and fundraising
  • Participation in Mission Together
  • Study of other faiths in RE

British Values
At St Mary's, we identify British Values as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.


We actively promote and model democracy through elections for school council, pupil questionnaires, pupil consultations, drawing up of class rules, recognising national and international events such as General Elections and visits to the Houses of Parliament.

The Rule of Law

We actively promote and model the rule of law through the use of a consistent behaviour policy, helping children distinguish right from wrong, promoting respect for the law, visits from the police and the study of the history of lawmakers.

Individual Liberty

 We actively promote and model individual liberty by giving children freedom to make choices, discussing rights and responsibilities, challenging stereotypes and developing strong self-esteem and self-confidence.

Respect and Tolerance

We actively promote and model respect and tolerance by learning that our behaviour has consequences, role modelling that all members of our community treat each other with respect, having an agreed code of conduct, promoting respect for individual differences, using the curriculum to promote respect and understanding of our own and other cultures, visits to places of worship and encouraging children of other faiths and beliefs to share their knowledge.

At St Mary's we actively challenge children, staff or parents who express opinions contrary to British Values.

Anti - Bullying

At St Mary's we have a strong anti-bullying ethos and generally the relationships between members of our community are positive. To promote a strong anti-bullying message, St Mary's takes part in the yearly anti-bullying week which raises awareness on different themes connected to bullying. However, this yearly focus just reinforces the messages that are promoted and lived everyday in our school - be kind, do the right thing, tell someone if you are sad and treat others well.

See the files below for more information for parents.
Lynsie Tuplin,
17 Nov 2015, 01:11
Lynsie Tuplin,
17 Nov 2015, 01:11