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Friends of St Mary's

There is an excellent and very active Friends of St Mary's group that has a long tradition of supporting the school. They organise and arrange both social and fund-raising events. The emphasis is on supporting the school and helping to create a sense of family or community, not just to be seen as a money making machine!
New members of the parent body are always welcome to come along to the meeting and share their ideas. There is a committee, but they are always glad of volunteers to help out at functions.

An easy way to support the Friends of St Mary's is to sign up to the school lottery. It costs £4 a month and there is a £50 winner each week. Payments can be made on ParentMail.

Coming Up

Next meeting - Friday 26th April 3.30pm

Reading Morning - Every Thursday 9am

Mothers' Day Afternoon Tea - Thursday 28th March

Easter Competition - Thursday 18th April

Fathers' Day Event - Friday 14th June

Summer Fair - Friday 5th July

Fashion Show - Friday 4th October 

Previous Events

Fashion Show
School Discos
PJ Day Bring Chocolate
Christmas Jumper Day Bring a Bottle
Christmas Fair
Family Night
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