Y6 Trip to Crucial Crew

posted 30 Jan 2019, 06:28 by Lynsie Tuplin

Our Y6 class headed to Crucial Crew to learn some essential life skills. Some children from the class described their day:

"We went to road safety to learn about how to cross the road and how drivers get distracted easily. We found out that it takes a car 9 metres to slow down but then another 14 metres to actually stop. It was very realistic and it even had real traffic lights. Next we went to a bedroom where we learnt how to check if there is a fire in your home. We learnt about feeling the door to see if it is hot and shouting loudly for help. Emily was extremely scared when smoke came from under the door! We also went into a set that looked like a garden and their bin was on fire! We learnt about trespassing, vandalism and manslaughter. When we did the court scene, different people took on different roles and we got to see a pretend prison. Then we learnt first aid. We learnt a mnemonic to help us:

D anger
R ecovery

S hout
A irways
B reathing
C irculation 

Finally we went on a bus where the driver taught us about the fire exits, how to stop a bus and how to break the window in an emergency." 

Y3 trip to Kelham Island

posted 22 Jan 2019, 03:56 by Lynsie Tuplin

Y3 headed to Kelham Island for a Steel City Investigation Day. Through storytelling, object handling and exploration, they learnt about Sheffield's industrial history. The children discovered how steel is made and had a go at making a spoon of their own. They learnt about Harry Brearley and his discovery of stainless steel. The children learnt about heavy industries by exploring the larger objects in the museum. 

Y3 RE Visit

posted 12 Nov 2018, 02:37 by Lynsie Tuplin

Y3 visited the Synagogue as part of their learning about Judaism and places of worship. They had a wonderful time being shown around the synagogue and looking at special items including the Torah, tallit shawls and the ark. Y3 also learnt about different occasions the Synagogue is used for. The same day, they also visited our Catholic cathedral - St Marie's. Here, Mrs Healy gave a tour looking at the beautiful decoration and Y3 took part in a weekday Mass. 

Y5 visit from SSAFA

posted 20 Sep 2018, 02:01 by Lynsie Tuplin

Today Year 5 had a visit from Steve King from

He spoke about his time in the army and his job supporting the charity SSAFA. Steve brought in his medal and photos. As a class we planned an assault course for 24th October. Children will soon be bringing home a sponsor form to raise money for SSAFA. The assault course will be available after school on Wednesday 24th October for any parent/child who wishes to take on year 5's challenging course at 50p a go. The children all enjoyed the visit and can't wait for 24th October!

Summary Newsletter

posted 11 Sep 2018, 02:25 by Lynsie Tuplin

Last academic year was filled with many events and occasions. We put together a summary to celebrate all that we achieved. 

Bee Project

posted 4 Jul 2018, 03:04 by Lynsie Tuplin

This summer Y3 have been taking part in an exciting project all about bees. Anne-Marie Elliott (an ex-parent and governor) has been coming into school as part of her PhD to work with the children. So far, they have been on a bug hunt, made hexagonal prisms to replicate a honeycomb, recreated the process of pollination and planted flowers to attract bees. Look out for updates as this project develops. 

Y4 visit to the Mosque

posted 18 Apr 2018, 03:10 by Lynsie Tuplin

To support their learning about other faiths, ,Y4 had a wonderful visit to a mosque in Sheffield. On their tour, the children were wowed by the beautiful interior of the mosque. They found out about the ritual washing (wudu), the call to prayer, the Qu'ran and how Muslims try to live a good life and how they do this - with a strong focus on family and community. It was particularly interesting to hear about the similarities with Christianity especially the admiration given to the patron saint of our school, Mary. 

Dragon's Den

posted 15 Mar 2018, 04:11 by Lynsie Tuplin

Y6 have recently completed a lengthy project in ICT, based on BBC's Dragon Den.  We completed a series of tasks to eventually build up to a power-point presentation and request funding from a 'Dragon' (Mr Kearns).  The students initially created a new smart phone for ages 7-18, developed it by creating a prototype, added extra features then designed it by using online software.  We then did some market research using Survey Monkey and used that info to edit and improve our products.  We continued by creating a balance sheet to calculate our start up and running costs and finally created a power-point presentation to present our products to a Dragon!  Hopefully none of the Dragons will say, "I'M OUT!!!"

Big Sing Liturgy Thing

posted 9 Feb 2018, 07:31 by Lynsie Tuplin

Y6 enjoyed an uplifting day of music and prayer at All Saints High School with CJM Music and representatives from all the Catholic schools in Sheffield. The morning was spent learning songs and actions with a group of children putting together a liturgical dance. After an active lunch spent playing football, we came together for a liturgy where the power and symbolism of the cross took centre stage. Each child received a cross to take away to remind of the messages of the day. 

Sporting Success (again!)

posted 6 Dec 2017, 00:58 by Lynsie Tuplin

Representatives from Y3 and Y4 travelled to Ecclesfield School for the local Sportshall Athletics competition. The children were fantastic and a real credit to the school. Everyone did their very best at which ever event they were chosen for. They were polite and worked together as a fabulous team. This resulted in them coming first overall out of the 5 schools taking part. This means that St Mary's will now compete in the next level of competition. Well done!

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