Y1 Trip to the Victorian Classroom

posted 12 Dec 2019, 07:05 by Lynsie Tuplin

On Wednesday 4th December Year 1 enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Victorian Classroom in Barnsley.  It was such a lovely learning experience for all the children taking them back in time to what going to school was like in the Victorian times.  Miss Sharp greeted us outside the old Victorian classroom all dressed up in her costume and we had to line up in a girls line and a boys line.  When we went into the classroom we were able to use all of our 5 senses to really feel what it was like for a child going to school in those times.  We took part in an actual lesson learning reading, writing and arithmetic but using chalk boards and ink pens and learning old Victorian phrases that were said during those times.  We all had a wonderful day and Miss Sharp emailed to congratulate all the children being fantastic on how they all coped brilliantly and behaved superbly, which was definitely a credit to St Mary’s Primary School.

Y2 become rocket engineers!

posted 21 Nov 2019, 01:45 by Lynsie Tuplin

Y2 had a fantastic visit to Eureka! Science Museum in Halifax this half term. The day started with an exploration of Sound Space where children explored sound and different ways to make it! After lunch, the class headed to their workshop where they were tasked with becoming rocket engineers. The children watched a great fireball being created which was a real 'wow!' moment. They then tested different liquids to see which would be the best rocket fuel. After this, it was time to test them out. Some of their rockets went with a real bang! The class then had the rest of the day to explore the other galleries. Lots of fun and learning was had and the children were amazing ambassadors for St Mary's.

Y3/Y4 Fencing

posted 9 Oct 2019, 07:08 by Lynsie Tuplin

On Monday 7th October, 14 of our Y3 and Y4 children participated in a sports event at English Institute of Sport where they were taught the basic skills of fencing. At the end of the training, each group was entered into a short competition against the other Sheffield Catholic Schools in attendance. Out of our 4 teams, 2 received medals for 1st place - congratulations! All of the children felt proud of their achievements, displayed good manners and sportsmanship throughout the event and enjoyed learning new sporting skills.  

Y1 visit to EIS Sheffield

posted 4 Oct 2019, 21:26 by Lynsie Tuplin

On Friday 27th September Year 1 enjoyed a fantastic morning taking part in a Multi-Skills Event at the EIS Sheffield.  The children were able to practice and develop their core PE movement skills through different activities including: relays, tig game, dance and shooting stars (throwing and dodging game).  It was great to see the children display qualities such as teamwork, helping others and trying their best at the EIS Sheffield.  Well done Year 1 you were a credit to yourselves and to St. Mary’s for showing excellent attitude, effort and behaviour.

Y4 visit to The National Justice Museum

posted 17 May 2019, 03:55 by Lynsie Tuplin

This half term Y4 are learning about crime and punishment in the past and the development of the British legal system. To support this work, they visited the National Justice Musuem. The day began in the courtroom where 1 member of the class was put on trial and all of the others had a role ranging from prosecution barrister to jury to judge to witness! In the end, she was found guilty and sentenced to 3 days in prison! Y4 then went on to look at the difference between adult and youth court and criminal and civil cases. They met a jailer who threatened to remove their hair and teeth if they couldn't pay for their stay in prison and then met Elizabeth Fry who spoke about her attempts at prison reform. A tour of the museum followed including the dungeons and the dark cell. Y4 ended the day by looking at different forms of punishment used in the past. 

Town Hall Chambers Debate

posted 29 Mar 2019, 07:05 by Lynsie Tuplin

Children from year 6 attended a debate in the Town Hall chambers. Each school was given a question to research. Ours was, 'Should children have to work for their pocket money.' On the day we found out we needed to argue against this. The children all spoke well. After listening to the debate the chambers had to vote to see which argument was the best. 37 children out of 61 voted for us. They were amazing ambassadors of our school. Thank you to the children for their commitment and preparation and Mrs Hirst for her enthusiasm and organisation. 

World Book Day

posted 20 Mar 2019, 04:40 by Lynsie Tuplin   [ updated 20 Mar 2019, 04:45 ]

World Book Day was a great success yet again at St Mary's. The creativeness of the costumes was amazing and the staff all joined in with an Alice in Wonderland theme. The staff had a hard choice to choose a costume winner from each class and an extreme reader from each key stage. Winners pictured below.

Y2 Drumming Workshop

posted 20 Mar 2019, 04:23 by Lynsie Tuplin

Y2 had a fabulous time during their drumming workshop with Steve Rivers. They explored different types of drums and followed and created rhythms. The day ended with a spectacular performance for the school community with some impressive dancing on show! 

Y1 at Weston Park Museum

posted 3 Mar 2019, 03:59 by Lynsie Tuplin   [ updated 3 Mar 2019, 04:00 ]

On Thursday 28th February Year 1 had a wonderful day launching their new topic about 'Toys' at Weston Park Museum.  In the morning they enjoyed exploring the museum and learning about different toys through time.  It was great to go on a treasure hunt around the museum to find out about different toys and what material they are made from and how they work.  They all thought of interesting adjectives to describe old and new toys.  In the afternoon they took part in an exciting workshop where they got the chance to play with a range of old and new toys exploring how they move.  It was super to be able to make their own noughts and crosses game out of clay to take home.  A fabulous day was had by all with all the children displaying excellent behaviour and being a credit to our school

Y6 Trip to Crucial Crew

posted 30 Jan 2019, 06:28 by Lynsie Tuplin

Our Y6 class headed to Crucial Crew to learn some essential life skills. Some children from the class described their day:

"We went to road safety to learn about how to cross the road and how drivers get distracted easily. We found out that it takes a car 9 metres to slow down but then another 14 metres to actually stop. It was very realistic and it even had real traffic lights. Next we went to a bedroom where we learnt how to check if there is a fire in your home. We learnt about feeling the door to see if it is hot and shouting loudly for help. Emily was extremely scared when smoke came from under the door! We also went into a set that looked like a garden and their bin was on fire! We learnt about trespassing, vandalism and manslaughter. When we did the court scene, different people took on different roles and we got to see a pretend prison. Then we learnt first aid. We learnt a mnemonic to help us:

D anger
R ecovery

S hout
A irways
B reathing
C irculation 

Finally we went on a bus where the driver taught us about the fire exits, how to stop a bus and how to break the window in an emergency." 

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