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Kelham Island

posted 27 Feb 2015, 09:09 by Angela Taheem   [ updated 27 Feb 2015, 13:35 by Lynsie Tuplin ]
On Thursday the 26th February Year 3 went to Kelham Island Museum to learn about our Steel City of Sheffield which was to help to support our topic about the Industrial Revolution.  The children all had a fantastic time learning about the scientific discovery of iron and other metals through exciting story telling using a range of props and puppets which they were all excited to listen to and take part in when taking on different roles.  They also enjoyed listening to the story of the spoon and the light trades of Sheffield.  They dressed up as either buffer girls or grinders and followed the journey of a piece of iron to becoming a spoon.  The children all worked together as a team to make sets of spoons.  One of the children 's favourite activities of the day was working together in the Melting Shop where they physically played the part of a piece of iron being processed to become a part of a ship, an aeroplane or railway track.  It was a very exciting day for all the children and their behaviour was excellent, being such a credit to Saint Mary's and noticed by the staff at Kelham Island too.