On Sunday 8th June, some of our children and parents took part in the Meadowhall Race for Life, raising money for breast cancer research.  It was a very warm, sunny morning and a very early start but the children arrived with smiles on their faces and eager to go.  The atmophere was electric in the starting enclosure with Radio Hallam DJ, Big John leading us through a warm up (with the help of Mrs Cooper) and then it was time for the off.  This was the first time that most of these children had run 5km, but they were all determined to reach the finish line. They have to be commended, not only for their efforts in running that distance, but also the team spirit and the way that they looked out for each other and urged each other on.  All the  team completed the race, with everyone crossing the finishing line together, as a team.  The sense of achievement that those children (and us adults!) got from completing the distance was wonderful to see and hopefully this will spur them on the do more such events. Well done kids, you should be very proud of yourselves, you have raised a lot of money for a very worthy cause. A massive thank you to parents for supporting their childrens' involvement in the race, particulary those who took part (Mrs Millbrook, Mrs Feasey-Dean, Mrs Wasden, Mrs Bullman) and an enormous cheer and pat on the back for Mrs Cooper for coordinating our team. 
If this has given you the bug, then Mrs Cooper and myself will be running again in the Race for Life at Clumber park on Saturday 21st June at 2.30pm. Registration is still open if you wish to enter, just visit the Race for lIfe website for details.  Sorry dads! This is a ladies only event unless you are under 13.  Or you could come along, bring a picnic and cheer us on.
Well done Olivia C, Olivia Wn, Olivia Wf, Amelia, Georgia, Sophie, Ciara, India, Tiana, Tilly, Georgina, Lydia, Lily, Anya, Tally, Bella, Rhys and Ben(George)