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posted 4 Apr 2014, 04:24 by Jacqueline Allott   [ updated 7 Apr 2014, 01:43 ]
Have you registered on ParentMail?


By registering:

You can receive messages from the school via email and text.

This is great for parents because:

Messages will get to you reliably.

We can send messages to, for example, mums and dads at the same time.

You will quickly know about important or urgent messages.

We can tell you more about what’s going on at the school.

It’s free!

It also means that you will help us:

Save money because we are reducing paper, copying, post and phone bills.

Improve communications with you.

Be more environmentally friendly.

Reduce our workload.
From Monday 28th April 2014 you will also be able to pay for trips, tickets and dinner money using ParentMail.
For further information please contact the school office or click here:
To login to ParentMail please use this link: