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Y5 are Anglo Saxons!

posted 4 Mar 2015, 01:21 by Lynsie Tuplin

On Monday 23rd February, to start their Anglo Saxon topic, the Year 5 children went back to 450AD! The children made a fantastic effort in dressing up and getting into the spirit of the Anglo Saxon women and warriors.

The day started with the children meeting Cynewulf and learning about who the Anglo Saxons were and where they came from. The children also looked at artefacts from the Anglo Saxon period and discussed the similarities and differences from then to now. The children had the chance to act out different people that would have attended a feasting hall which included a king, the king’s lady, slaves and peasants!

After lunch the children were shown different weapons and armour that the Anglo Saxons used and children had the opportunity to try and hold the chain mail – it was extremely heavy! – Mrs Haslam couldn’t lift it, but Miss Nethercot just about managed!

Boys V Girls – who were the best soldiers? The children gathered together in two teams, made a battle formation and marched to attack the other team! The children had to stay in lines together in order to win: the children were all fantastic at this and we had some great leaders!

The second battle of the day split the group up into four teams and they had to throw the spear (javelin) as a target to win points for the team!

It was a fantastic way to start the topic and Cynewulf said Year 5 were a lively, polite and well behaved class.