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Y5 at Weston Park

posted 27 Apr 2016, 23:49 by Lynsie Tuplin

On Friday 15th April Y5 went back in time to Ancient Egypt!

The day kicked off with a talk about the Egyptian tombs that lay under the shallow light in Weston Park! The children explored the ‘Treasures’ area of the museum and saw 2 real mummy tombs. They also had the chance to look at special jewellery that the Ancient Egyptians were buried with.

After, the children went on a journey through the afterlife. They learnt about mummification and helped send ‘Fred’ to the afterlife. The children were all really interested in this and they loved the goriness of pulling out the organs!

During the afternoon, and after sending ‘Fred’ to the afterlife, the children were told an Ancient Egyptian story of Isis and Osiris. The children were really engaged and found this to be an enjoyable part of the day. Following the story, the children then went all arty! They made Egyptian collars, Shabti (a small model of a servant that would be buried and sent to the afterlife) and even explored the alphabet that the Ancient Egyptians used (Hieroglyphics).

The children were a credit to St Mary’s and this has really kick started our topic!