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Y5 Trip to Weston Park Museum

posted 30 May 2015, 13:06 by Lynsie Tuplin
Last half term, Y5 were studying the Egyptians. In order to complete the topic and bring all of their learning to life, they visited Weston Park Museum for an Egyptian day. The day started with a visit to the real life sarcophagi of two mummies. We discovered who lay inside, how they lived and how they might have died. We also learnt that the first time they were opened was when they were wheeled over to the Children's Hospital for an MRI scan! Imagine seeing that! After this exciting start, we then went to our first workshop - Journey to the Afterlife. In this, we became embalmers and we performed the rituals that would have carried out in order to help someone get to the afterlife. This involved pulling out brains through the nose and weighing the heart. After lunch, we heard some Egyptian stories, made a cartouche with hieroglyphics, ushabtis ( a model servant) and a usekh collar. Y5 had a great day.