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Y6 Trip to Crucial Crew

posted 30 Jan 2019, 06:28 by Lynsie Tuplin
Our Y6 class headed to Crucial Crew to learn some essential life skills. Some children from the class described their day:

"We went to road safety to learn about how to cross the road and how drivers get distracted easily. We found out that it takes a car 9 metres to slow down but then another 14 metres to actually stop. It was very realistic and it even had real traffic lights. Next we went to a bedroom where we learnt how to check if there is a fire in your home. We learnt about feeling the door to see if it is hot and shouting loudly for help. Emily was extremely scared when smoke came from under the door! We also went into a set that looked like a garden and their bin was on fire! We learnt about trespassing, vandalism and manslaughter. When we did the court scene, different people took on different roles and we got to see a pretend prison. Then we learnt first aid. We learnt a mnemonic to help us:

D anger
R ecovery

S hout
A irways
B reathing
C irculation 

Finally we went on a bus where the driver taught us about the fire exits, how to stop a bus and how to break the window in an emergency."