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Year 3 trip to Magna

posted 19 May 2015, 11:56 by Angela Taheem   [ updated 20 May 2015, 02:52 by Lynsie Tuplin ]
On Thursday 14th May all the children in Year 3 had an amazing day at Magna.  They participated in a workshop all about volcanoes and rocks where in groups they built a volcano using different coloured play dough and had great pleasure in making and watching it erupt! The children also took the part of being archaeologists and investigated various rocks using different criteria.  Afterwards the children had chance to explore Magna, they went to the fire pavilion where one of their favourite parts was watching the fire tornado and the big melt. Also they enjoyed practically exploring the earth, air and water pavilions.  In earth they learnt how to move different rocks and materials.  In air they learnt about different air waves and in water they learnt about the forces used to turn wheels, measure and transport water. 
The children had a fantastic day describing it as 'amazing' and 'epic'.  A great day was had by all!