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Celebrations and Achievements

Good Work Assembly

In March's Good Work Assembly, children who have made improvements in their spelling were recognised.

Well done to:

Daisy (YR)
Caitlin (Y1)
Connie (Y2)
Harvey (Y3)
Katy (Y4)
Luke (Y5)
Georgia (Y6)

Merit Assembly

In Autumn 1, the following children were awarded a merit certificate.

Well done to:

YR - Sammy and Eden

Y1 - Daisy-Mae and Lawrence

Y2 - Grace B and Bethany

Y3 - Maya and Matthew

Y4 - Jacob and Aleisha

Y5 - Benedict and Bella

Y6 - Rosalind and Kirby

Mission Statement Marvels

These children are nominated by staff, children and visitors for living out the values in our mission statement.

Well done to:

Anna (Y6)

Elise (Y5)

Katie (Y5)

Katy (Y4)

Savanna (Y5)

Sophie (Y2)

Zaniah (Y1)

Harry (Y3)