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Pupils at St Mary's use ICT as an integral part of the wider curriculum. Children are taught ICT capabilities in weekly skills based sessions, and are then encouraged to use those skills to develop knowledge and understanding in all curricular subjects. Pupils can be found creating power point presentations in topic sessions, creating short animated films in Literacy lessons and using graphing software to enhance understanding of data handling in Maths.

We are proud of our ICT facilities at St Mary's and are always looking for ways to develop our provision. We have a computer suite which has 16 networked computers, equipped with a wide range of software and internet access, allowing teaching across all subjects. We also have a class set of laptops with wireless internet access which children can use to further support their learning in all subjects. Foundation Stage have access to 3 computers in an ICT work area for small group and individual work.

We have interactive whiteboards and projectors in all classrooms and the ICT suite which provide an excellent visual and hands-on learning aid. As well as visualisers linked to all our whiteboards, we also have several digital cameras and digital camcorders.