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Through English activities, pupils at St. Marys develop ways of expressing themselves and communicating effectively with others. English skills are taught through a daily Literacy lesson, encompassing Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening

At St. Marys, children learn to write in many different styles. Children will learn to write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences.  Where appropriate writing will be linked to the topic that is being studied (e.g. Ancient Greeks, Space etc…). Opportunities for writing are also planned during other lessons (eg. Science or History) so that pupils have chance to practise their skills across the curriculum. Writing is a key priority at St. Marys Catholic Primary school.

A teacher will use assessments to analyse any gaps in the children’s knowledge; they then plan to fill the gaps. Children will be given targets to work on from this analysis.  During the teaching sessions, children will analyse ‘What a Good One Looks Like.’ This gives them an outcome, something to aim for. Texts are explored in a multisensory way, through drama, film or audio. They will then look at language features and text structures. After a time of practicing and honing skills, children are then encouraged to plan and write an independent piece. We aim for every child to complete a sustained and independent piece of writing every week.

For 20 minutes each day, children take part in a Grammar and punctuation session. Here they learn word types, sentence types and the correct use of grammar and punctuation.

Writing down ideas fluently depends on effective transcription: being able to spell quickly and use fluent cursive handwriting. Spelling is taught daily and tested weekly. Handwriting is introduced in a cursive style from Foundation stage and encouraged from there on.

In Speaking and Listening, pupils are taught the skills of presentation, group discussion and drama. These are evident in class assemblies and school productions.

Home learning is set to build upon classroom learning, either in grammar, writing or reading comprehension.