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Reading is one of the most important life skills and at St Mary’s we are committed to providing the children with the proficiency to read and enjoy books.


All children take part in a guided reading session each week. During this time, teachers will listen to each child read individually. There will also be an assessment focus during each session. This could range from checking decoding strategies and word recognition to understanding the writer’s use of vocabulary or the overall impact of a text. After their session with the teacher, children will then complete an independent follow up activity. Our aim is that the children leave St. Mary’s being able to read easily, fluently and have good understanding.


We also encourage all children to read regularly at home as this gives them a chance to practice what they have learned in class. We have recently invested in a range of reading schemes which encompass all genres and levels. Children are stretched with a higher level reading book for guided reading and a book they can read independently for a choice book. All children in Key stage 1 have two home reading books (a phonics based books and a comprehension based book) until they have completed phonics phase 5.