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You said... we did...

As a school, we are continually striving for improvement. Feedback from parents is integral to this process. The school and governors regularly send out questionnaires in order to gain feedback. Where possible, this feedback is acted upon. 
The feedback from a governor questionnaire to parents was overwhelmingly positive. The main areas to focus on are outlined below along with the action taken or to be taken. 

At the end of each year, we also conduct exit interviews with Y6 to gain feedback on their St Mary's experience. The feedback from July 2018 is attached to this page. 

 Area for Development
 Specific Areas to Develop
 What the school has done so far 
 Extra Curricular Activities 
  • Widening range of sports
  • Introduce music provision
  • More clubs  led by school staff
  • Sent out outlined provision for the year which includes a range of sports
  • Introduced a music club run by Sheffield Music Hub
  • Clubs after school are now led by school staff
  • Introduced violin, viola and guitar lessons
 School Meals
Parents commented upon the range of portion sizes and the menu options.
  • Invited parents into lunch with their child
  • Fowarded comments to Dolce, the school meal provider.


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26 Sep 2016, 02:44