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Year One - The Hive

Mrs Hirst and Miss Gillespie are the teachers in our Y1 class. Mrs Phillips is the teaching assistant. Mrs Waind teaches Y1 on Mondays with Mrs Christlo. Our class name is The Hive and we are the bees.


Our Class Saint

St Therese of Lisieux. Patron Saint of the Missions. Feast day is 1st October. 

Therese was known for being selfish, attention-seeking and spoiled. Therese wished to become a nun from the age of 3. When Therese was 13, she had what she called her 'Christmas Conversion.' In an instant, she stopped being selfish, became determined to help others and radiated joy. At the age of 15, Therese entered the monastery and achieved her dream. Therese is most known for her 'Little Way' - she spoke of doing small things with great love. Therese carried a string of beads and used them to count her good deeds. She believed it is not the greatness of what we do that matters, but the love with which we do them.  

St Therese, pray for us.

Spring Term Learning
Our Curriculum Overview
Autumn Term: History Driver Spring Term: Geography Driver Summer Term: Art Driver

History: Life in the Past

Science: Plants and Trees

DT: Food and Nutrition

RE: Families/Belonging/Waiting

Computing: What is a computer? Communicating: Text and Images

PSHE: Keeping Healthy and Safe

PE: Dance and Movement







Geography: The United Kingdom

Science: Materials

DT: Freestanding Structures

RE: Special People/Meals/Change

Computing: Communicating:Multimedia / Understanding and Sharing Data

PSHE: Feelings and Friendships

PE: Gymnastics / Team Games








Art: Water - Printing, Patterns and Painting

Science: Animals

DT: Mechanisms - sliders and levers

RE: Holidays and Holy Days/Being Sorry/Neighbours

Computing: Algorithms

PSHE: Celebrating Diversity/Caring for our World

PE: Ball Skills/Games/Athletics




Resources to support learning