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Each week in Celebration Assembly, we recognise children who have excelled in some way - whether for their academic endeavours, their relationships with others, their behaviour or how they follow our rules, mission and values. 


Good Work

These children have been chosen for their good work in a specific area linked to a whole school focus. The most recent focus was:



YR - Edward

Y1 - Reggie

Y2 - Dominic

Y3 - Aniyah

Y4 - Sophia

Y5 - Gideon

Y6 - Harry O


'Always Children'

YR - Eimear / Henry

Y1 - Molly / Callum

Y2 - Isaac / Heidi

Y3 - Emily / Lidia

Y4 - Eleanor / Harry A

Y5 - Archie / Holly






































These children have been chosen for a outstanding progress, effort or attitude.


YR - Edward

YR - Alexandra

Y1 - Elizabeth

Y1 - Violet

Y2 - Wesley

Y2 - Tobias

Y3 - Elliott S

Y3 - 

Y4 - Lili

Y4 - Anaya

Y5 - Amelia

Y5 - Harry A

Y6 - Summer J-T

Y6 - Azane







































Mini Vinnie Award

These children have been nominated for demonstrating the school values of faith, pride, challenge and success and living out the school mission.


Jake B


School Council Award

These children follow our school rules of being ready, respectful and safe. 




Hot Chocolate Friday

These children go above and beyond. 


Violet G, Aoife, Tula, Maisie


Virtues to Live By

These children have been recognised as living out the virtues of: Forgiveness


YR: Esme, Aoife, Annie, Arabella, Alexandra, George H, Joseph, Willow, Olivia, Merryn, Edward

Y1: Annabelle, Mila, Elizabeth, Finley, Violet, Jacob H, Jax, Eimear, Sophie, Zayn, Leon, Rebecca, Tilly-Ann, Clara, Luke, Tyler

Y2: Elliot, Edward, Molly, Ruby, James, Dominic, Callum, Lilia, Phoebe, Nancy, Luke, Sienna, Jake

Y3: Elsa, Anna, Lily, Edie, Isaac, Asiah, Joshua, Jessica, Freddie, Heidi, Freya

Y4: Lydia, Lidia, Anaya, Lili, Sophia, Isaac, Zachery H, Arthur, Natalia, Emily, Zachary M, Eliza, Sasha, Finley, Hannah, Hamaad

Y5: Adel, Ellie, Eleanor, Isobel, Harry A, Jasmine, Joshua, Kayla, Lexie, Lucas, Leon, Rebecca, Tilly-Ann, Clara, Luke, Tyler

Y6: Mia, Holly, Hebe-Rose, Anyes, Tom, Phoebe C, Rosa, Sam, Harry F, Summer G, Elizabeth, Theo, Zane, Summer J-T, Ramiyah, Aleks, Riley, Harry O, Phoebe R, Ruby, Reuben, Amelia, Archie, Ellie, Charlie, Azane


Word Millionaires 

Y2 - Dominic

Y3 - Isaac, Abel

Y4 - Lili, Natalia

Y5 - Isobel, Jasmine, Adel, Lana, Conor, Noah

Y6 - Elizabeth, Ruby, Anyes

Word Multi-Millionaires

Y3 - Isaac

Y5 - Isobel, Jasmine, Adel