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Year Five - The Pride

Mr Janiszewski is the teacher in our Y5 class. Our PE day is Monday.  Our class name is The Pride and we are the lions.


Our Class Saint


St Maximilian Kolbe. The Patron Saint of Families. Feast day is 14th August. 

Kolbe was a Polish Priest, who during WW2, provided shelter for refugees including hiding 2,000 Jews from persecution. In 1941, Kolbe was arrested and eventually taken to Auschwitz. Soon after, a group of men were chosen to face death by starvation to warn against escapes. Kolbe was not chosen but volunteered to take the place of a man with a family. During the last days of his life, Kolbe led prayers to Our Lady with the prisoners and remained calm. He was the last of the group to remain alive. 

St Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us

Snapshot of Learning

Our Current Class Book

Our Curriculum Overview


Autumn Term: History DriverSpring Term: Geography DriverSummer Term: Art Driver

Big Question: Conflict and Invasion 

Authentic Outcome: Horrible Histories Style Video

Project Concepts: Conflict, consequences, strength, peace, change

Catholic Social Teaching: Human Dignity / Solidarity / Community / Peace

Science: Earth, sun and moon / Forces

Computing: How do we collaborate online? Create class webpage about Y5 / How do I create a radio advert? Recruitment advert for WW1

D&T: Pulleys or Gears (or) CAMS – link to forces

PE: Multiskills / WW2 dance

RE: Ourselves / Life Choices / Hope

PSHE: Relationships

RSHE: Created to Love Others

Online Safety: The Social Web / Protecting Ourselves










Big Question: How can we be stewards of Earth? Biomes, Environments and Climate Change

Authentic Outcome: Climate protest and letter to MP

Project Concepts: Sustainability, Interconnectedness, Common Good, Responsibility

Catholic Social Teaching: Care for Creation / Rights and Responsibilities

Science: Life cycles

Computing: How do I improve programs? / How do I find and share data safety and responsibly?

D&T: Celebrating culture and seasonality – link to biomes, climate change, sustainability

PE: Gymnastics / Swimming

RE: Mission / Memorial Sacrifice / Sacrifice

PSHE: Living in the wider world

RSHE: Created to Live in Community

Online Safety: Commercial Risks / News and Media











Big Question: Do we all see things the same?

Authentic Outcome: Space Animation

Project Concepts: Creativity, Freedom, Individuality, Diversity

Catholic Social Teaching: Human Dignity / Community and Participation

Art: Pop Art, Surrealism, Abstract, Animation

Music: Space soundtracks

Science: Solar System & Materials

Computing: How do I program physical systems? / How do I create a game using variables? Art quiz / game in Scratch

D&T: Combining different fabric shapes – make a hanging planet decoration for animation

PE: Swimming / Rounders / Athletics

RE: Transformation / Freedom & Responsibility / Stewardship

PSHE: Health & wellbeing

RSHE: Created and Loved by God

Online Safety: Lifestyle and Health







Resources to support current learning