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Year Four - The Den

Mrs Waind and Mrs Taheem are the teachers in our Y4 class. Our class name is The Den and we are the polar bears. 


Our Class Saint

St Christopher. The Patron Saint of Travellers. Feast day is 25th July

St Christopher's life is surrounded by many amazing stories. Christopher wanted to serve the greatest King on Earth. His travels led him to kings, rulers and even the Devil before learning about Jesus. Christopher served Jesus by helping guide boats and people across a dangerous river. One day a small boy asked Christopher to help him cross. The child grew heavier and heavier and Christopher barely made it to the other side. The boy revealed that he was Christ and that Christopher was to help him carry the burdens of the world. Christopher then went and taught many people about Jesus.

St Christopher, pray for us. 

Snapshot of Learning

Our Current Class Book

Our Curriculum Overview


Autumn Term: History Driver Spring Term: Geography Driver Summer Term: Art Driver

Big Question: Settlements - What is the difference between surviving and living?

Authentic Outcome: Community Project - How can we help people in our community live rather than survive?

Project Concepts: Wellbeing, Change, Spirituality, Community

Science: Animals including humans (digestion and teeth)

Computing: What makes an excellent multimedia story? Link to history. How do I write efficient program in logo and scratch? Scratch Christmas card

DT: Healthy and Varied Diet – Prehistoric diet / teeth / digestion

PE: Basketball / Tudor dance

RE: People / Called / Gifts

PSHE: Relationships

RSHE: Created to Love Others

Online Safety: The Social Web / Protecting Ourselves














Big Question: Why is water so important? Rivers and Oceans

Authentic Outcome: Create a sculpture out of plastic to represent the ocean and showcase to community

Project Concepts: Sustainability, Responsibility, Beauty

Science: Habitats + States of matter (water cycle)

Computing: How is data shared online? Rivers. How do I use a program to tell stories? Retell part of Charlotte’s Web

DT: Shell structures – environmentally friendly packaging

PE: Gymnastics / Kwik cricket

RE: Community / Giving & Receiving / Self Discipline

PSHE: Living in the wider world

RSHE: Created to Live in Community

Online Safety: Commercial Risks / News and Media








Big Question: There is no Plan B!

Authentic Outcome: Reclaimed Art Tapestry Project Concepts: Stewardship / Responsibility / Fairness / Sustainability

Art: Sketching, painting, textiles

Music: Making music using reclaimed materials

Science: Sound and Electricity

Computing: How do I use a computer as an artist?

DT: Electrical Systems – link to science

PE: Tennis / Athletics

RE: New Life / Building Bridges / God’s People

PSHE: Health & wellbeing

RSHE: Created and Loved by God

Online Safety: Lifestyle and Health















Resources to support current learning